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Medik8 Professional Facials

Professional Facial Treatments

Medik8 offers a wide range of professional facial treatments to suit everyone.

Each treatment is specifically designed to target different skin priorities and deliver visible results.

Brightening Platinum Facial  60 mins £75

Our signature facial. A true treatment innovation delivering visible and immediate rejuvenating results.  Platinum powder and haritaki superfuit are blended with lifting polysaccharides to visibly plump and firm skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant looking complexion. 
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Platinum Facial 60 mins £70

A power-packed facial with an intense hit of brightening actives, including vitamin C, to boost the skin and help enhance cell regeneration.  Luminosity and radiance are visibly restored to leave the face and senses re-energised and the complexion healthy and glowing.

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Deep Hydration Facial 60 mins £65

A multi-level hydration treatment delivering intense nourishment for dry, thirsty skin.  The nutrient-rich mask floods the skin with moisture to help plump dehydration lines and revive suppleness.  Skin is left soft to the touch, intensively hydrated and healthy-looking.

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Calming Facial 60 mins £65

A professional treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised, irritated skin.  The unique application of the calming bio-cellulose mask enriched with zinc and hyaluronic acid caresses the face to restore comfort levels.  Feelings of tightness and inflammation disappear revealing visibly calm, even and radiant skin.

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Clarity Facial 60 mins £65

This clarifying treatment contains passion flower and cranberry fruit extracts. They work in harmony with deep cleansing actives to restore a visibly clear and soothed complexion.  Impurities are swept away and moisture levels are boosted, resulting in skin that is re- balanced, clarified and visibly healthy.

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Pore Refining Facial 60 mins £65

A skin perfecting facial treatment with 360 degree targeted approach to tackle the appearance of enlarged pores.  Advanced charcoal and moringa extract work in synergy to gently break down blockages.  Skins natural elasticity is rebooted for a flawless, smooth complexion.

Medik8 Express Facial 30 mins £36

including double cleanse , exfoliation, mask and moisturise 

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IPL Facial Treatments

Facial Veins or Pigment Removal

Single Lesion £62 course of 3 £167

Cheeks £83 course of 3 £224

Cheeks and nose £125 course  of 3 £338

Half Face £150  course of 3 £405

Full Face £166 course of 3 £448

Full Face and Neck £204  course of 3 £551

Full Face Neck and Chest £250 course of 3 £675

Chest Only £150 course of 3 £405

Hands £125 course of 3 £338

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Half Face £116 course of 6 £626

Full Face £149  course of 6 £805

Full Face and Neck £169 course of 6 £913

Full Face Neck and Chest £212 course of 6 £1,145

Neck Only £106 course of 6 £572

Hands £85 course of 6 £459

IPL Acne Treatment

Half Face £81 course of 6 £437

Full Face £212 course of 6 £1,145

Shoulders £136 course of 6 £734

Chest £159 course of 6 £859

Full Back £212 course of  6 £1,145

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Caci Non Surgical Face Treatments

CACI Non Surgical Facelift


CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment

This facial combines the CACI signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning with the CACI Ultimate Rejuvenation treatment. Micro-current impulses will lift and tone your face muscles and neck area. Your skin is exfoliated and LED light therapy is used to stimulate for a clearer complexion CACI`S Wrinkle Comb is used to target fine lines and wrinkles .To complete this facial, the Hydro Mask is used to deliver a surge of intensive hydration to rejuvenate your skin.
75 mins £85
Recommended course of 10 treatments £765

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CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning

This treatment is a non-invasive facial, using micro-current impulses. This will lift and tone your facial muscles and neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Firms your face and gives a skin a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.
60 mins £68
Recommended course of 10 treatments £612

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CACI Ultimate Rejuvenation

Give your skin the ultimate exfoliation for a brighter and smoother complexion. Dual action crystal-free orbital microdermabrasion and LED light therapy is used to exfoliate and stimulate for a cleaner complexion. CACI`S unique wrinkle comb – a non-invasive alternative to Botox and fillers is used to target fine lines and wrinkles to reduce and plump. This facial is then completed with the Hydro Mask to intensively hydrate your skin.
45 mins £50
Recommended course of 10 treatments £450

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CACI Skin Calm

Targets skin prone to breakouts and irritation. This treatment uses LED light therapy that is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties, combined with a gel mask to soothe, calm, reduce redness and rehydrate your skin
25 minutes £40
Recommended course of 10 treatments £360

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CACI Jowl Lift Facial

Target muscle laxity around the jawline using CACI micro-current. This treatment will lift and firm your muscles and redefine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance . Ideal for women wanting to improve the appearance of sagging jowls and for men who desire a more chiselled jawline.
25 mins £30
Recommended course of 10 treatments £270

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Medik8 Chemical Peels

medik8 chemical peel facial

Medik8 Chemical Peels

Please note all of our chemical peel treatments require a separate consultation prior to treatment for patch testing and to check peel suitability.

Medik8 Chemical Peel Consultation

with purchase of Medik8 Products          30 mins    Complimentary      Book Online

Without purchase of Medik8 Products    30 mins    £22                     Book Online

Medik8 Signature Peels     45mins    £80

Clarity- a professional blend of acids that sink deep into pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion. Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts.

Even- A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull uneven skin. Helping to minimise melanin production, the even peel visibly fades pigmentation for a more even and radiant complexion.

Rewind- A targeted formulation that helps to promote collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It fades imperfections. Leaving the skin visibly smoothed and rejuvenate

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Medik8 Mono Peels             45mins    £74

Glycolic TR 30
Specialist peel for extra tailored care to treat ageing, scarring or photo damaged skin.

Lactic TR 30
Specialist peel for extra tailored care to treat Pigmentated, dehydrated and dull skin.

Mandelic TR
Specialist peel for extra tailored care to treat Acne and congested skin

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Medik8 Combination Acid Peel       45 mins   £74

Sensitive PHA Peel
For extremely sensitive or redness-prone skin to visibly smooth skin texture and help promote a stronger skin barrier.

Universal AHA
Suitable for everyone and any skin concerns, it visibly brightens, smoothes, decongests and revitalises the skin. Ideal for a first-time peel or to maintain results from other peels.

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Medik8 Eye Peel      30mins   £48

An ultra-gentle but effective solution to target signs of ageing around the delicate eye area

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Decléor essential Oils

Decléor Discovery Facial

Short of time? Discover why Decléor facials are world famous with this rescue remedy. Includes revitalising massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to wake-up tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant.
30 mins £36

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Decléor Presciptive Performance Facial

Your relaxation journey starts with Decléor’s characteristic back massage. Deep cleansing and beautiful aromas are combined with blissful pressure and drainage movements to produce a deeply relaxing experience. Personalised with one of five problem-specific professional masks, this facial targets even the most demanding skin.
75 mins £75

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